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Our Love Horoscope 2016 and the Romantic Forecast for all zodiac signs has been posted. Check and see what 2016 will be like for your love life!

Love Horoscope Overview

Mars is the planet of action and Venus is the planet of passion and beauty. The two together make life, heaven on earth for some and life full of deceit, aggression and war- like for many. This is a horoscope which is very illustrative about your life with spouse or partner. Love is a very important aspect of every human being that makes him or her, a responsible member of society. This is a love horoscope 2016 that goes beyond the realm of ‘give and take’ in the area of emotions and illustrates factors normally hidden by general astrological analysis.

Martian Dynamics in 2016
Mars is a planet that can bestow contrasting influences on a person. This subject is a serious one and everybody is eager to know the extent of happiness a person would enjoy in his / her life. Mars is the planet of action, astrology depicts it as the planet that gives strong sexual drive in a man and signifies the husband in a woman’s horoscope. There is great power according to astrology in the realm of Mars. This astrological horoscope for 2016 gives you the true representation of your Martian activities both in the emotional and regular life.

Romance Quest 
The 7th house of your natal chart is the house of your Man-woman relationship and Marriage. The planet that rules your 7th House and its relationship with the Ruler of the Sign, in which the 7th House is positioned, truly governs the dynamics of your marriage or marriage like relationship – often the key to a contented life.

Progeny Quest 
The 5th house of your natal chart is the house of your progeny. The planet that rules your 5th House and its relationship with the Ruler of the Sign, in which the 5th House is positioned, truly governs the dynamics of the progeny aspect of life – a very important aspect for all parents.

Life Together 
Society is fuelled by the joint efforts of man and woman in its process of evolution. Astrology depicts the psyche of individuals to address their key emotional factors to the maximum. Majority of the people in order to sustain themselves and to evolve to completeness, enter into a man woman relationship. This is universal truth and holds true for each society. 

Astrology gives us a fine representation of the love journey according to the position and effects of planets in our love matching horoscope. Mars and Venus plays a major role in shaping our love and marital life. Astrology attaches great value to the effects of this planet on a marriage or emotional relationship. This astrological love horoscope sketches the inherent dynamics of Mars and Venus on marriage in 2016.

Love and romance naturally evolves into a complete and intimate relationship where both the body and the soul unite. Astrological conditions prevalent in a horoscope give natural inclinations towards another individual during the love journey. There is always guide to this inclination by astrological analysis of certain factors of the horoscope. This love horoscope is a fine revelation for those who want to improve upon the current status of his or her intimate relationship or wants to become involved in any emotional relationship in 2016.

Astrology always gives a good representation of the favourable possibilities and the unfavourable results by your horoscope. This is an astrological love horoscope for 2016 that tells you to pursue or exercise restrain in your love emotional journey. You can get an instant guideline then make your strategic move.