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"The wedding feast was very gay, and the dancing and festivities lasted all through the night. And Snow White and the Prince lived happily ever after."

Love is eternal. It's everywhere, and in everyone! Love has many forms, and is beautiful in all its manifestations. Love creates bonds, and these bonds flower to become interpersonal relationships. Many relationships are formed by birth, but the one which we choose to enter as we move ahead in life bear a huge impact on us and our happiness.

We all desire a deep, lasting, and true love. There is hardly an area of our lives that inspires us as much as that of love, and our romantic and/or sexual relationships. Millions of people the world over are asking themselves the obvious question: “When will I be lucky, and find someone with whom I can have a beautiful and exciting relationship?”
Relationships of all types thrive on compatibility between the people involved. We do try our best to choose the right person for us, and we do use the guides of personal intuition, common sense and observation while doing that. But, what if we miss out on some subtle nuances? Many would argue that we can't be that careful and picky while forming relationships, especially friendships. But, most would agree that we definitely want and try to better our relationships, foster them with care and love.
AstrologyZodiac Signs and Love Horoscope can be great guides in finding the right person, creating the right relationships and nurturing the existing ones. In the book Signs in Love, we bring you this age-old wisdom that will help you augment your life with the power of mutual understanding, love and compatibility. Not only will you be able to understand your partner, loved ones better, but also your own self.
Find out how each Zodiac Sign behaves and believes in love, how this difference widens and becomes glaring when it comes to different genders, and how each Zodiac Sign reacts to another (compatibility between signs). And, then how despite differences, they all are one – despite innumerable divergent points, they all converge – they are meant to converge.

Ultimately, all of our efforts are really motivated by our underlying belief in the possibility of relating to others in ways that consistently bring Love and intimacy into our lives. We strive to attain material things (money, possessions, etc.) in the hope that we will then be in a better position to attract love and will feel “safe” enough to allow ourselves to experience it.

Then many of us work on understanding ourselves so we can grow to a point where we no longer sabotage our relationships through our own unconscious attitudes and behaviors. It’s as if we “know” on a deep level that somehow it is possible to reach a place where love and intimacy are ongoing experiences in our relationships with others. 

We are not isolated. Love flows through us constantly, and all we need to do to experience more Love is to begin participating—in a conscious, positive way—in the exchange of giving and receiving Love with others.

 Facilitating this exchange on the highest level requires us to accept that each person who is significant in your life represents an opportunity to increase your capacity for a deeper experience of Love. By consistently choosing the highest path of true authenticity over a desired outcome in the relationship, we can actively cooperate with the process of becoming more whole and genuine, and earn the right to experience even greater exchanges of Love to satisfy and heal us.

Good luck!