Cancer Love Horoscope 2016

Love Horoscope for Cancer in 2016- Romance in 20016: Cancer

Message: Accepting the warmth.

Cancer Love Horoscope 2016
The emotional consequences are high this year: before mid-March new romantic involvement will intensify in your life. Single Cancerians can expect to enter into a difficult but highly satisfying relationship while already involved Cancerians will soon be asked to publicly state their plans, family ideals or long-term intentions. Don't hesitate to take action: over the first few months of 2016 practical complications in love relationships will come to an end. What this means is that over the coming few months financial agencies, legal documents or disruptions to the home will now longer be an overwhelming influence in romantic relationships. 

Some Cancerians may also find that this completes an almost 8 month cycle of daily struggles in relationships or emotional misunderstandings with family members. After mid-April watch also for a powerful wave of physical, sensual and romantic energy to arrive. Many Cancerians will soon begin a brief but intense period of reclaiming their sensuality and/or exploring new sexual ideals. Offer new expression and social creativity: this is a positive time to improve relationships through physical closeness and serious, long-term discussions. 

Much of 2016 will bring important changes in relationships: all of which involve making peace with issues of acceptance, trust and private communications. The summer months will also move many Cancerians to begin marital relationships or enter into life partnerships. Emotional completion and romantic awakening are subtle themes this year: many Cancerians can expect to find that both friends and lovers have been waiting precisely for this kind of change. 

You are going to rock someone's world this year, that's if you're not already of course. After surviving all the rigours of the past few years, your lion heart has emerged intact, stronger and beating ten to the dozen. In fact, I'd say that you are going to look like the cat that got the cream this year, as you look ravishingly hot, radiating physical strength and vitality. This fiery glow won't help but attract lovers into your lair if you're single and keep the flames of passion burning in a lasting union. Later on in the year, Pluto, planet of transformation sparks lots of palpitations over new love interests. This is a time when the drama of romance will come into play and you'll be right at the epicentre, in your element. It could be a love affair that is intense and passionate, but not necessarily long lasting. And this may suit you both down to the ground. 

Looking for something more meaningful? Those types of liaison are also out there for you to explore. Existing love can burn brighter than ever this year, but expects some ups and downs and changes out of the blue. And if the relationship survives what Pluto throws at it, it's pretty much a dead cert that it will last a lifetime. Whatever the nature or duration of your love, you'll get the urge to mine to get out of someone their all, eschewing superficiality and learning all the way that the Plutonian ties that bind are the stuff of fairy tales. 

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