Sagittarius Love Horoscope 2016

Love Horoscope for Sagittarius in 2016- Romance in 20016: Sagittarius

Message: Understanding the magic.

Sagittarius Love Horoscope 2016
Much of 2016 will be experienced as a time of social and romantic expansion: before mid-February expect both friendships and love relationships to be highly communicative and sensual. This is an excellent time to begin new family commitments or ask for greater intimacy with loved ones. Many Sagittarians are now completing a fairly intense phase of meaningful choice in key relationships. Outside love affairs, unexpected attractions and/or daily romantic restlessness may have all been of influence over the past few months. 

Many Sagittarians have recently felt a powerful need to prove the longevity and potential value of romantic commitments. After February long-term relationships and day-to-day commitments will experience a meaningful stage of enjoyment, home expansion and emotional rewards. By late March, however, you may be wise to begin introducing new social activities to love relationships or finding greater connections outside the home. Aspects indicate that between February 25th and April 3rd love relationships will need to explore a new level of social celebration and belonging. Astrologically, this will also be experienced as a time when you must do your best to recapture old feelings and remind loved ones of the original depths of their attraction. Sensuality and romantic encounters will be highly rewarding if, and only if, you can find a way to return to the passionate feelings of the beginning. After mid-April long-term commitments will become extremely obvious. 

Most Sagittarians will opt for deeper bonds and explore further commitments; some, however, will begin completely changing their life or home. Throughout the summer months watch also for a brief outside flirtation to become unusually distracting. Don't be derailed: this is not a good time to take emotional risks. Most of the coming year will bring intensely satisfying romantic feelings. It may be important, however, to acknowledge the long-term qualities in intimate relationships and rediscover your feelings of sensuality and attraction. Single Sagittarians will likely experience many romantic choices and intriguing social encounters this year. If so, be selective: much depends on your ability to nurture serious relationships.

Not one to be downtrodden by the hand you're dealt, your self worth is usually admirably high. This is attractive to others, which is important to you, as love ideally is about mental and spiritual connections as well as emotional and physical. This year, you may question the essence of this and how you approach intimacy. Love can still be an adventure with commitment. This doesn't have to be the dirty word you imagine and you can still enjoy a relationship with someone new if you're single without necessarily feeling hemmed in and suffocated. Oftentimes this is of your own making and you bolt to avoid things start to get humdrum or stagnate. Why not try sticking around and see how rewarding truly investing in someone else really is. Pluto will cause you to look for the hidden and mysterious and flirting and a flighty encounter or ten may leave you feeling a bit empty. That is not to say that fun will be lacking, on the contrary you'll have a lot more in the way of good times with a deeper connection. 

The same applies to those in a relationship. Sometimes being in a couple can feel like loneliest place on the planet and if this resonates with you then why not make overtures to your partner about how you're feeling. What do think will be the end result? You won't see them for dust? They will laugh you out of the room? None of this will happen so calm those fears and pluck up the courage to take love to the next level in 2008. Love can be hardcore at times and we all need to face up to its harsh realities at some point and increase both our self worth and the value of our union. 

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