Taurus Love Horoscope 2016

Love Horoscope for Taurus in 2016

Love Horoscope for Taurus in 2016
Over much of 2016 many Taureans will experience a powerful need to rectify yesterday's romantic promises with today's emotional needs. Social and romantic decisions will be difficult but crucial to success: early in February expect the long-forgotten emotional needs of the past to re-emerge. 

Many Taureans, throughout the first 3 months of this year, will be surprised to experience an intense level of sensuality, commitment and romantic attention in a previously stalled or lackluster relationship. Unattached or single Taureans can expect to begin a passionate new relationship that reminds them of a long forgotten friend or lover. 

Oddly enough, this is NOT a good time to return to old relationships or attempt to rekindle love from the past. Rather, many Taureans will find much greater rewards this year by recognizing the spiritual, romantic or emotional significance of yesterday's emotions. 

After mid-April watch also for a mildly unethical triangle to appear in your social or romantic life. Planetary aspects indicate that this may end up being little more than a distant attraction but it will get your attention. July and August mark the beginning of a least a 9 month period of intensified creativity in romance and a newly emerging social circle. 

Some Taureans, especially those born late in April, will this year bond more fully with their partner's friends or bring new social influences to the relationship. Don't disappoint friends and lovers: the coming year will demand that you actively make peace with the past and bring greater intimacy or commitment to present relationships. 

The turn of the year may mean crunch time in your love life and get ready for sparkling and intense times ahead. You could very well be called upon to make some monumental decisions, the outcome of which will have a profound effect on how you act in a loving scenario. You'll no longer be prepared to accept things at face value as you start to question the motives of others and what it is that makes you truly happy. 

Being a sensuous earth sign, the physical side of a relationship comes easy to you. This year, Jupiter encourages you to concentrate on what stimulates you mentally. All this soul searching has the potential to make your partner feel a little insecure, so take time to make them feel that they won't necessarily be a casualty of these new thought processes. You can be guilty of being a little obsessional, so guard against behaving like a dog with a bone and appreciate their frustrations. To them, it could look like cold feet, whereas all you're doing is reassessing where you're at and how you want things to pan out in the future. 

Taureans looking for love should consider booking their summer holiday early as romantic encounters lie in the bohemian and unusual. What do I mean? Anything at all that runs counter to your life as you know it. And with Venus, your ruling planet, edging its way into the picture, you'll naturally be attracted to beautiful people, places and even poetry. Enjoy this strong desire to express your love, just don't choke your significant other with too much soppy sentiment.

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