Leo Love Horoscope 2016

Love Horoscope for Leo in 2016- Romance in 20016: Leo

Message: A promising harvest.

Leo Love Horoscope 2016
Beginning in late January many Leos will begin a six week period of open communications and honesty with loved ones. After January 9th expect a close friend or romantic partner to ask probing questions about the past or demand significant changes to present relationships. Some Leos many also encounter the return of an old lover at this time. If so, expect increasing complications and a slow loss of control in your emotional life. Refuse to return to yesterday's romantic obligations or expect a present day lover to change their habits, traditions or characteristics. 

For many Leos 2016 is the year for making relationships work on their own terms: remain attentive and use this time to abandon yesterday's romantic illusions and sincerely address present day priorities. Early April may, however, bring a few stress points: expect lovers or new acquaintances to be highly expressive or extremely competitive of your time. 

Long-term romance may be easily challenged by outside influences, social conflicts or family interference: if possible, avoid isolation or cross purposes in love relationships between April 3rd and May 19th and all will be well. Late in July your entire romantic world begins to move steadily forward: after July 23rd expect all that you have worked towards to become steadily predictable, enjoyable and more committed. 

Single Leos can expect to begin a new long-term relationship between July 23rd and September 6th. A powerfully emotional year: for many Leos the need to share their life with someone will become extremely obvious before the end of September. Don't hesitate to follow your heart: this year is the right time to bring added intimacy and new romantic commitment into your life. 

It can be all or nothing for you in affairs of the heart. Jupiter and Pluto are brining love into the main frame for you this year, Leo. In the confines of a relationship, you'll know exactly what it is that you want, like a glacier cutting through a mountain. Pluto is going to reshape your landscape of love and put a whole different complexion on things. Don't balk at this. It is in no way negative, just that dynamics are going to be redefined and improved for all concerned. You hate disorganisation and the feeling of control slipping through your fingers, but you'll have little choice but to relinquish some control to Pluto as the year progresses. Issues of control and the occasional power struggle could creep into your one-to-ones. Try diplomacy in the first instance to diffuse problems. 

You will ride this through unscathed if you resist tying to arrange emotions in an orderly fashion and alpabetise them. Loosen up and enjoy yourself this year. Jupiter will give you a strong sense of justice and you won't take kindly to people ignoring your needs and feelings. Rightly so. Those looking for love will feel a stronger than usual pull to someone, underpinned by equally as intense feelings of commitment. Don't rush in where angels fear to tread. Take your time and revel in the attention by being alluring. An affair with a younger person could be on the cards, making you feel young at heart once more. Remember Pluto is the planet of deep sexuality, and when Venus meets Uranus this year, you'll be very hot property indeed.

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