Libra Love Horoscope 2016

Love Horoscope for Libra in 2016- Romance in 20016: Libra

Message: Strong foundations, solid changes.

Libra Love Horoscope 2016
2016 is a time of decisive action in all romantic relationships. Early this year many Librans can expect a long-term romantic partner or potential spouse to ask for solid commitments and detailed plans. Before mid-March expect romantic obligations to change significantly: increased intimacy, complex family discussions and the open expression of lifestyle goals may all be on the agenda. 

Single Librans can expect family pressures or the return of an old lover or friend. If so, avoid being drawn back into yesterday's relationships: at present, planetary alignments suggest that if you chose to re-introduce an old lover into your life, you may miss an important and promising relationship. Between March 11th and April 8th watch for new introductions to quickly evolve into passion: these few weeks are a powerful and meaningful time for finding a kindred soul. 

Already involved Librans can expect a rapid expansion of family or financial concerns before the end of April. Don't shy away from responsibility this year: great happiness will result from venturing further into relationships and exploring new emotions with loved ones. After mid-July watch also for travel, social connections or communications with distant relatives to affect romantic planning. Some Librans may find that family events or social celebrations now help move a long-term relationships into an enjoyable phase of travel, exploring other cultures or relocation. 

This is a strong year for exploring serious romantic commitments and releasing short-term ideals or goals in key relationships. Remain open to highly creative suggestions from romantic partners or potential mates and expect emotional commitments to be unusually rewarding throughout 2016. 

Being the sign of love, marriage and partnerships, romance is never far from your thoughts. The move of dynamic duo Pluto and Jupiter, along with the two eclipses this year, will have a marked effect on you. The securing and preservation of the status quo will be your main aim in existing couplings, whilst if you're a single Libran, you'll be attracted to solid, dependable types who are grounded on many levels. 

Your guiding principles are inner peace, security and calm. You'll find yourself making a concerted effort to really get to know people. In fact the people who know you best might be shocked at how much you mean business. There is a hopeless romantic incubating inside you and it will be making its presence felt this year, whatever your relationship status. 

When the sun moves into your sign later in the year,  it is then that you'll feel emotionally self-satisfied. This is not shouting from the rooftops, showy love. It's private, quiet and you'll want to retreat with your special someone to a sanctuary, close the door on the world, shut the blinds and wallow in how much you mean to each other.

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